Sun signs education and career


It is a planet of intelligence. Mercury signifies formal education, intelligence, analytical decision and approach, ability to use languages, communication and negotiating skill and knowledge of trade and commerce, scientific learning, mathematics, accountancy. But weak budha or mercury shows absence of mind and his approach or capacity to plan things and organise things will be unpractical. He represents mental faculty needed for learning, who can be trained in various activities depending on the teacher. Printing, presses, stationary, education department,  literature, book keeping, writing,  audit or accounts, oratory, newspaper work, music and drama, cinema, law, ambassadorial work, astrology, engineering, crafts related etc are few professions related to mercury.


Jupiter is the karka for finance and children. A person is said to be fortunate to lead a peaceful life only when Jupiter is poisted well in his horoscope and is not afflicted. Because everybody is concerned about his family and bank position. It is very important for rise in fortune or financial position of a person that his sun and Jupiter are strong, well placed, well aspected and without any affliction. He is karka of 2nd, 5th and 9th houses of education. It is a divine planet denoting logic, wisdom and hope. He signifies all types of intelligence, education, logic, intuition, scriptures, knowledge, and control over senses. Interaction of mercury with Jupiter with lagna or 5th house or their lords adds extra shine to education. Treasury, banking, teaching, law and justice, postal department, courts, temples, revenue department, advisory councils, advertisements etc are few professions related to Jupiter.


He is lord of 5th house of education. It is a force of life. He signifies and is responsible for name, fame, power or authority. He causes true illumination and represents fire to burn all sins and ignorance. Strong sun makes the native proud with a noble mind. Sun is the storehouse of energy as it is signifier of soul. He determines how much knowledge the native is accessible to. A weak sun means inadequate energy, poor stamina that is a person with weak sun is like a weak human engine having insufficient energy and capacity to put in efforts. With this he cannot shape his future in right way and cannot carve out a new field.  Municipal corporations, civil engineering, medicine, chemicals, architectural work, and work related to metals are few professions related to this planet.

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    It is lord of 4rth house and represents mind or inclination for studies. Moon is the ruler of mind and gives reasoning power to the native. The nature of moon if well placed and associated with lagna through aspect or conjunction, denotes inclination of mind and good analytical skill. Moon in Taurus, Gemini, and cancer, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces shows better inclination to studies than when he is in other signs. Moon, though a luminary reflects the light of sun only. It blesses the native with good judgement, insight, and forethought. It is a deciding factor in shaping the events of life. Agriculture, communications, trade in items of water, dairy farms, water works, textiles, naval work, psychiatry, medicine are few professions related to planet moon.


    He signifies stamina and ability to break down a complex problem into smaller parts and analyze each of them to have a comprehensive study of the whole problem. It uses logical reasoning to get a solution. It represents technical knowledge, mathematics, logistics and surgery. Mars gives alert mind and makes one quick to act. However aspect of mars on mercury can cause break in education. Mechanical, electrical and industrial engineering, trades in metals, geological  institutions, railways, labour forces, surgery departments, trades in weapons, cooking are few professions related to mars.


    It rules over desires that incite us to learn. Mars causes the falls and Venus helps to recover from falling. A native with strong Venus personify noble qualities. When associated with sun, it gives political power, with moon it  gives all form of fine arts which attracts others or sailing and with Saturn native works hard, sincerely and with single aim to achieve success in any field. Manufacturing or trading of cosmetics or other ornamental items, music or cultural organisers, customs, imports or exports, gems, trade in gold, foeign representatives, navy,  railways etc are few professions related to venus planet.


    It signifies studies related to tradition, philosophy and spiritualism. It rules over all types of fuel and their extraction, excretory system and all works related  to drainage, plumbing etc. it is signifier of labour, artisan, works, factory, refrigeration, low cadre work or services, physical and hard work of all kinds, glass or tile factories, metaphysics, philosophy, gardener, lead astronomy,  agriculture, footwear etc . It is a bridge between high and the low. A strong unafflicted Saturn is treated as strong signification of discipline, system and keen provision of life.


    It shows research studies, big machines, their manufacturers or trade, leather goods nuclear setups, knowledge of import and poisonous drugs. It has special tang for everything foreign.


    It indicates computers, exports, mathematics, statistician, high accuracy small machines spiritualism, terrorism and trading of animals or their body parts.

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