lucky charms

Everywhere people carry a lucky charm or lucky sign or some talisman to bring in luck. Belief in charms, mascots, amulets and like articles have been present since ancient times. These lucky signs are to be used in copper, bronze, silver, gold or written in bhoj patra etc. the results are marvelous whenever the signs were used after their purification and pooja. The following are the lucky signs or lucky charms that can bring fortune and good luck in lives of persons irrespective of religion and caste.


This is a lucky sign for prosperity, comforts and all round success. This may be worn around the neck or on a ring. The sign can be of gold, silver or copper.


It is a sacred symbol among Sikhs. An auspicious sign for prosperity, bravery and courage. It keeps the enemies at bay and ensures the wearer has victory over enemies.

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    Sham rock

    It is a national symbol of Ireland. It is a plant with three leaves and a white clover. This is a symbol of good and is worn, either in natural state or in the form of a symbol by many people to bring fortune and prosperity.


    This sign is attributed to lord Jesus Christ. It ensures prosperity, peace of mind, purity in life and finally helps the wearer to realize the Christ.


    the figure of the hand is a symbol of the good qualities of hospitality, generosity, strength and goodness. Usually the hand is that of Fatima, the daughter of the Prophet Mohammed and the wearer of the symbol is supposed to be endowed with those qualities represented by the hand.


    It is the most auspicious and tested replica, attributed to Lord Ganesha a son of Lord Shiva. Meaning of the word is purveyor of good fortune. It bestows the wearer luck and prosperity. It can be used around the neck, or on the ring in gold, silver or copper.


    The sign is attributed to lord Shiva and is a perfect sign of luck and courage. Person wearing this will be protected from undue enemies and oppositions in his life. it helps in spiritual advancement.


    Beads are worn for prosperity, cures from diseases and for spiritual advancement. Coral beads are used by children to protect them from the evil eye or from disease. The best beads are Rudraksha, wood, chandan, tulsi and coral.


    It is a nut or fruit of the oak tree called oak apple. For a long time people have been known to carry a dried acron, believing that it would give them youth. Also many believe that it will cause a lover to return and repent for leaving his beloved.

    Arrow head

    An arrow head offers protection against evil, especially from the EVIL EYE. It is usually worn around the neck, and one that is found is better than one that is found is better than one which the wearer makes himself.


    Again axe head, carved from the attractive piece of stone is stone is believed to be a charm against evil. Usually it is a worn around the neck either with a string or chain.

    Bamboo and serpent

    This is an ancient and complicated symbol. It consists of a circle around which numerous triangles are inscribed. Across the circle ties a bamboo stick of seven sections crossed by a serpent. This charm is supposed to bring skill in learning and is worn by Students. The circle represents eternity. The triangle having three sides represents the trinity. The bamboo stick has seven knots to represents the seven stages of wisdom through which the scholar must pass to attain perfect knowledge. The serpent has always been a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. Each one of them can be used as lucky charm but when added together, all these bring luck and success to the student and the wearer.

    Bees-in jewellery

    Figures of a bee or bees in a precious metal, like gold etc are made and embedded with precious stones. This when worn, brings great success in BUSINESS. The wearer will be energetic, will preserve and will have success in any enterprise in which buying and selling is involved.


    The four leaf clover has long been considered a source of much luck. According to tradition, one leaf to the clover brings fame, another wealth, a third a faithful lover, the fourth good health. Hence the Clover is a source of good luck and fortune.


    This is a fish like creature. The replica is worn for success in music, literature and painting. Its influence on these arts is said to be great.


    The ancient Hebrews along with other people, adopted the fish as a religious symbol and it come down to the present period in various religious rites. Due to its great fertility, it is a sign of wealth and prosperity. Many people wear little carvings of fish as a means of ensuring wealth and good luck.


    It is a symbol of love. Lovers give each other a symbol or small replica of a heart as a pledge of love and fidelity. To wear it means that the wearer accepts the pledge of love in all sincerity.

    Horse shoe

    Universally accepted as a charm of good luck. It is used every where and is always used in ways to keep the luck from spilling over. A black horse shoe or its ring is specially used to ward off the evil effects of the planet Saturn and that of the evil eye. It also removes the effects of SADHE-SATTI and the wearer is benefited with wealth. It is fixed in doors also.

    Ek Onkar

    This is a universal replica for brotherhood and advancement of spiritual upliftment being used by SIKHS throughout the world. This replica is on the lines of Hindus wearing an Om and swastika. It brings peace of mind and is worn around the neck and made of gold, silver and other metals.


    Again Khanda is a religious emblem of the SIKHS which is composed of three parts. The central sword belong to Guru Hargobind Sahib. The two swords on the sides are attributed to the tenth Guru, Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji and the central circle used to protect and destroy the enemies. This emblem indicates courage, valor, protection from enemies and the destruction of all evils. Sikhs use this emblem as a lucky charm made of gold, silver etc and wear around the neck to attain virtues of Khanda.


    Three keys usually worn together. In this charm, the keys stand for love, wealth and health and the wearer is believed to be able to unlock the doors to these.


    Knots tie things together. Sacred knots are used in marriage. It is worn to indicate unbreakable bonds between those who wear them.


    The owl is a symbol of deep knowledge and wisdom. The wearer is blessed with both these qualities.


    The ordinary penny is not a source of good luck. The penny which has lucky powers is one bearing the date of a leap year. If this is carried on a person, it is supposed to bring good fortune.


    A ring signifies eternity as it has the perfect circle with no end. If worn, it indicates a vow made and which is to be kept for eternity. The wedding ring as also the gift of a ring to a loved one carries the same idea.


    This is the most auspicious replica which stands tested for knowledge, wisdom and healing from disease. It enables one to excel in either the arts of learning or those of healing. It should be worn as small image of a serpent around the neck.


    It consists of two straight lines, one vertical and the other horizontal. People wear this symbol to ward off diseases of skin.

    Planetary signs

    When a planet is malefic and is not giving favourable results, use a replica or sign of another planet, as advised to neutralize the evil effects. The wearer will be blessed with fortune.

    Birthday signs

    you can use the replica of your SUN SIGN [ Aries to Pisces ] in the prescribed metal for good luck, happiness and prosperity.

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