Power of Numbers : Number Five – Mercury

Persons born on 5, 14, and 23  in any month

Number 5 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

Number 5 [the mercury] – number 5 persons are those born on the 5, 14 and 23 of every month. They are born under the influence of mercury.

Mercury is at the centre of the nine planets. It has the highest abilities in any field. Number 5 persons will have the support of wealth and people together for ever. They will accomplish what is impossible to others. They will be in professions that have a mass appeal like mass communications and will shine well. They will have great self confidence and unshakable ideals. They have deep thoughts. They will succeed in any endeavour. They will be fast in everything they do. They will work with enthusiasm on anything. They will be experts in all arts.

They are good in offering counsel. They will decide and work fast on matters over which others will be spending a lot of time and reflection. They always say that their development is often hindered by the lethargy of others. They will be treasure house of new ideas. They will be always particular about advancing fast in life. They will express their opinion almost immediately. They will keep on changing their plans. They are not conservatives.

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    They will accept anything new with readiness. They will get involved in new studies and inventions. They will accept and welcome new fashions and trends readily. They will get into gambling, betting and competitions hoping that they can win easily. Some number 5 persons will firmly believe that they can achieve advancement only by unfair means. But those who follow this path will gain at the beginning but ultimately they will lose even what they already have. Since they constantly work with their mind, they are prone to irritation and anger. Sometimes they will act without giving allowance to others. Since they keep on exerting their nervous disorders which will not however last long. They will not perturbed by failures. In the event of a failure they will make it a stepping stone to success. They have a firm mind that cherishes no fear of any kind. They strongly believe that it is better to forgive and correct the wrong doers rather than punish them.

    They are persons of changing nature. They will be greatly interested in matters of love. They may not have lasting love for a particular person because of their changing nature. They will hate the person today whom they had loved yesterday. They want frequent changes in everything. They will buy a new thing today only to discard it tomorrow as having become old. They should be taught good habits right from the young days. They should be made to cultivate good company. The child who grows with bad persons will become bad himself. However virtuous the parents be, number 5 persons will acquire the habits of those with whom they grow. They can become great achievers because of good rearing.

    They will keep on bringing changes in profession, business, friends, habits and approaches. They will keep on changing their business and will bring in new developments frequently. Those who are employed will keep on changing places and situations. They will have a great desire to travel. They will frequently take up travels.

    They will have special involvement towards the god of their worship. They consider that the future is in their palms. They are revolutionaries. They firmly believe that they can earn with the exertion of their mental faculties rather than by physical work.

    They should consider matters of marriage very carefully.

    Persons born under the influence of mercury will have their characteristics according to their birth number but success in their life will be decided by the sum number that is the total of date, month and year of birth.


    They will become famous in business and profession associated with arts. Since they enjoy mass appeal and mass support, they will enter politics and achieve new and revolutionary ideas. They will successful as actors, directors, script writers, singers and music directors in the field of the cinema. They will achieve advances in business like contracts and commissions without investment. They will earn profits by manufacturing fancy articles and fashion goods, exporting or importing. They will go about their business or profession with an ideal in mind. They will be experts in arts. They will compose great epics. They will be greatly interested and knowledgeable in literature, painting, music, mathematics, science, spirituality and astrology.

    Their life begins with struggles everywhere. But finally they will achieve total success.

    Persons less influenced by mercury will work in the services of others. They will adopt unfair means and involve in treacherous activities. They involve in prostitution, gambling, gambling and drugs. They will also become slaves to immorality and lust.

    Number 5 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

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