Lal Kitab on manglik issues

The native is called manglik if mars is sitting in 1,4,7,8 and 12th house of a horoscope. Mars has sudden, explosive and disruptive actions. It likes discipline; it is very arrogant and firm. Firmness always leads to sorrow. Anger is lead by mars and happiness recedes when anger reaches its extreme. In a horoscope fourth house is the place of happiness and mars particularly aspects fourth house from its position. The power of wisdom gives way in a situation of anger, rashness and excitement. Commonsense is destroyed.

Many people do not consider mangal dosh after twenty eight or thirty years of age, as if mangal disappears from the sky or its cosmic range disappears or the brilliance of mars is destroyed. This confuses the native.  Actually parents think that after twenty eight years of their respective daughter’s age mangal dosh is reduced. Their only motto under these circumstances remains to the marriage of their daughter or son and they ignore mangal dosh.

When mars is posited in first or eighth house, one will be unlucky and also for his blood relatives. Mars in association with Ketu in eighth house causes financial loss. Mars in seventh house is malefic for the ladies of the family when Saturn is also malefic

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    Mars in fourth house indicates unfavourable results for mother, mother in law, grand mother especially when Saturn is also malefic. Mars in all houses except 8th and 12th houses will be very unlucky for elder brothers who may die or may be deprived of progeny, good health and wealth. Such persons are unlucky for his family and ancestors. Old age will be troublesome

    Let us now consider mars in different houses in which a person is said to be manglik.

    Mars in Lagan or Ascendant

    Mars in first house will incorporate a kind of sadism to the pleasures. Such a mars is cruel towards husband and wife and native will be bereft of happiness. He will be devoid of pleasures of land and house and will not be respected in the society due to his nature. He will be short of decisive intellect due to rashness and he will repent repeatedly after taking wrong decision. Division, separation, opposition, honor and dishonor are quiet natural in domestic life under these circumstances.

    .Mars in the fourth house

    Mars in the fourth house will reduce domestic happiness, materialistic joy, devoid of gain in his profession; the rash native becomes a point of disrespect in the society. Deterioration in financial income is quiet natural under these circumstances. The ideology of father and son will differ widely. And that is why he remains unhappy.


    Mars in the seventh house

    As seventh house is the house is the house of married life and marital delight. The means of livelihood and business is also considered through this house only. Mars sitting in this house becomes great barrier in the domestic joy. Native will be extremely obstinate, rash, inclined to excessive materialistic pleasures and can engage in unnatural intercourse.


    Mars in the eighth house

    The native’s family and kin will be devoid of happiness, money and prosperity. Also native will not have benefits of paternal property. Social respect will reduce and friends will be unfaithful to him. The charm between husband and wife is not possible in such a situation.


    Mars in the twelfth house

    Mars in this house will render native with non-monetary profit. He is humiliated again and again. He will not have good relation with brothers and family. Constant mistrust and opposition carry on between husband and wife. He will take revenge of his frustration, humiliation, disrespect, despair and annoyance on his spouse.


    These were characteristics of mars sitting in houses where a person is considered to be mangali.

    So it is necessary to properly match charts before marrying your son or daughter.

    Here are some remedies that will help to reduce the negative effects on manglik persons.

    1. chant hanuman chalisa
    2. Offer Prasad to Hanumanji and distribute it.
    3. Offer vermilion to Hanumanji.
    4. Read durga path.
    5. Read sunderkand of the Ramayana.
    6. offer bread of oven to dogs
    7. Drop sugar in flowing water.
    8. For benefits from long disease, use skin of deer or put an iron nail on the southern door of the house or a rectangular piece of silver.

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