Sadhe Satti and dhaia of Saturn

When in transit Saturn comes before and after [2nd or 12th] the moon it is known as sadhe-satti period. Saturn takes two and a half years to move from one rashi to the next. Therefore to cross these three rashi’s it will take seven and a half years. During this period one has to face many problems. As already said Saturn does the work of culturing. It will develop a person to finest individual through hard life and struggle.

In sadhe- satti there are three phases, charans or periods. In the first period of sadhe-satti which is of two and a half years, more effect will be on natives head. That is he will have mental pressures. In the second period of sadhe-satti that is in middle or next two and half years, native has more effect on heart and finally in the last period of sadhe-satti the effect will be on natives legs. Same way when Saturn is fourth and eighth from moon in the transit then it is known Dhaia of Saturn.  Eighth dhai of Saturn is more harmful than fourth dhai.

As according to the dasha system a person is supposed to live for at least 120 years. Therefore during a persons life who reaches near 100 or so years sadhe-satti may occur FOUR times which is very rare. Therefore very few people face the fourth period of sadhe-satti

Normally sadhe-satti may take place at least three times in native’s life.

First stage approximately occurs in younger age and a person is supposed to be very difficult. It may have bad effect on one’s career during this stage. Second is less difficult and it approximately comes in middle age but it mainly has bad effect on one’s health and third sadhe-satti which comes approximately in old age is usually considered MARAK.

Many reasons from which one can ascertain that one is facing problems due to sadhe-satti are

  1. bad health of most of the family members
  2. someone dies suddenly
  3. without any reason fire takes place at home
  4. shoes etc get lost
  5. ear or eye problems dominate
  6. increase in the use of non-vegetarian and wine at home
  7. some portion of house falls down
  8. Increase in fights at home.


Remedies or upayes: To be protected from the evils of sadhe-satti are

  1. Water peepal tree with milk and water.
  2. Do pooja of lord Shiva
  3. Men should worship lord Hanumanji more and more whereas ladies should worship maa durga more.
  4. Help your servants or needy persons as much as you can. But help them by heart and not that you have been asked by astrologer to help the needy. This is the BEST REMEDY in order to have least negative effects of Saturn or sadhe-satti.
  5. Perform maha mritunjaya mantra 108 times with rudraksha mala daily. The mantra is
  6. Light til or sarson oil deepak under peepal tree on Saturday after sunset in any temple.
  7. Wear iron ring in the middle finger of the left hand on Saturday made out of horse shoe or from the nail taken from the bottom of the boat.
  8. Every Saturday give importance to black items but do not use cloth, comb, pen etc in black colour. Cook and serve black gram pulse.
  9. Give in charity articles related to Saturn on Saturday like leather shoes, sarson oil, iron vessels, black urad dal, black cloth, local wine, black gram, black til etc.
  10. Avoid non-vegetarian food and wine on Saturday
  11. Keep Saturday fasts starting from shukal paksh for at least 43 days.
  12. Wear neelam or blue sapphire on the recommendation of expert astrologer only.

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