Remedies through gem therapy: Diamond [Heera]

Diamond [ heera ]- diamond is the stone to improve traits of Venus. It is a hot gem. Now Venus is a star that is the significator of wife in male’s birth chart. Also it indicates love, marriage,  partner, beauty, modesty, sincerity, music, dance, drama, actor, acting, amusements, all  things, attraction and relation with opposite sex. A person having good Venus position in its charts will be artistic in nature, beautiful, will have attractive personality, sweet smiles and beautiful eyes. He will have all comforts, pleasures of sex, ornaments, vehicles and will enjoy good social status. Native having good Venus posited will have good and attractive voice and charming personality.

DiamondsIn turn a person having afflicted Venus will have less modesty, sincerity and beauty. He will have less charming personality and may face disturbed married life. afflicted Venus may cause divorce and separation, ill reputation and native may be rash and violent. He may have involvement in illicit relations and may have financial loss too. His conduct will remain questionable and he may be disgraced in society.

Person having afflicted Venus may suffer from ovaries, breasts, generative systems, water, kidney, throat, chin and cheeks.

Benefits if wearing Diamond

Now after wearing diamond a person will have improved and generous thoughts and it will remove evil and fearful thoughts making his or her personality attractive and charming. Diamond will help to improve native’s facial lusture and gives him more confidence which in turn open many ways to success. He will have more peace of mind and goodness in thoughts after wearing diamond. But always wear good quality and unblemished diamond for its effects.

It helps to cure and fight many diseases like diabetes, urine problem, problems of private parts, skin problems etc.

Professions that are benefited after wearing diamond

People who are writers, poets, public speakers, linguists, politicians, priests, newspaper and media reporters, sports person, boxers, advertising agency men, film distributors can take benefit by wearing diamond.

Again people who are involved in business revolving arts, imaginations, silk, jewellery, gems, cosmetics, sex products can have good gains in their respective business or profession after wearing diamond.

People who are actors, dancers, involved in music, dance and drama, cinematographers and magicians are very much benefited by wearing diamond.

Even people who are painters, involved in medicines, computer, yoga, hypnotism can also have substantial increase in their endeavors.

Diamond helps people who manufacturers of luxury items, travel, science, law, mathematics, astrology, agriculture, manufacturer of chocolates etc.

Diamond according to rashis


Not advised.


As it is a jeevan rattan so one can wear it.


Can wear it.


Not advised and could be worn under specific conditions.


Not advised.


Can wear it.


Diamond is good for Librans.


Not advised.


Good gem for Capricorns.


Can wear it.


Not advised.

Method of wearing diamond

It should be studded in a gold ring and should be worn in middle finger of right hand on Friday between 1 pm and 3pm pr on amavasya [ dark fortnight ]. Its weight should be between from 50 cents to one and a half carat.


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