Transition of planet Saturn from Leo to Virgo on 9 September 2009.

Saturn is a very slow planet in the solar system. It takes roughly 30 years to revolve round the sun and spends two and a half years in each zodiacal sign. That is why we say every slow movement as shaney shaney.

Shani is a best friend and when one heeds his advice, one is benefited. But those who don’t pay heed to its advice, he uses his whip. Lord Shani wants reformation, changes and good effects, whatever process he may have to pass. He does the work of culturing. Saturn perfects those traits in man which show weakness.

Saturn is not malefic as it is generally thought to be. It is only friend of those who want perfection in life. Our relation with Saturn is purely material and if it touches our consciousness, it is only to materialize it.

In September 2009 transit Saturn will enter Virgo and will remain there until 2011.

One need not get scared about the movement of this planet because if one’s positive attitude, outlook and karmas will definitely reduce the unfavourable effects of this planet.

Though Saturn will stay in Virgo for two and a half years. But the whole stay will not harm solace in humanity. Actually from December 2010 the aspect of Jupiter on transit Saturn will pacify this planet. It will bring some peace and harmony to the humanity. And many of the problems will start reducing.

Those who are born under the moon signs of Aquarius, Leo, Virgo and Libra need to take special precaution. Also those born under the moon sign Pisces need to take care.

The coming one month could bring natural and geological disasters in different parts of the world and especially to those countries or places which are under the effects of these zodiacal signs as in the coming month mars would aspect Saturn when it enters Gemini. And as we all know mars is the     

Now here I am describing some changes for those who are born in Aquarius as moon sign or ascendant. It will bring them health, service and problems from enemies. Their debts will increase and they can have problems from employees and subordinates. Aquarius people may face undue opposition at work place and from relatives specially relatives from father’s side.

You could have health problems related to feet, bones, knees, acids, ribs, marrows, hair, nails, legs, secretive system, nerves, left ear, large intestines, kidney, uterus and lower portion of legs.

Mental worries will also affect health on large.

Those born in Leo as moon sign.

This transit of Saturn will bring money problems as you could have reduced income, less profits and decline in wealth. For those involved in agriculture, iron items and trading, results will not be favourable. You may have big or small separation from family. You will have less pleasures of life in the coming year. Also problems could rise due to ineffective or wrong communications. Avoid arrogant speech and speculation.

Transit of Saturn on those born in Virgo and Libra will be discussed in my next post


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