Saturn / Lord Shani and Sadhe Satti.

Saturn is a planet of darkness but lord shani enables a person after passing through odds and hard struggles to see a new light and by dint of that light one makes discoveries of many kinds.

Without the help of Saturn one cannot become a high order thinker. Lord Shani offers mental, moral courage, develops foresight, discipline, endurance and third eye sight.

Scientists, inventors, discoverers, explorers, martyrs, philosophers, religious leaders, social reformers are due to the grace of this planet Saturn.

Saturn is one of the greatest friends of the mankind. It represents resurrection. It is not satisfied until iron ore is turned into finest steel. Saturn does the work of culturing. It turns gross into subtle and finer substance.

Traits of Saturn

Saturn when poisted in Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Libra is termed to be in his friendly raashis but in other raashis he is termed to be in enemy camp. Saturn is friendly to Venus and mercury, neutral to Jupiter and enemy to sun, moon and mars. It is a barren, binding, cold, earthy and masculine. It is a planet of nervousness and secrets.


It signifies evil, darkness, secrecy, loss and misfortune. If Saturn is positive, well placed or aspected then the person is grave, profound, prudent, cautious and of excellent organizing and executive ability.

On the other hand if Saturn is weak or afflicted then the person will be acquisitive, irritable, discontented and complaining. He will be surrounded by diseases, distress, humiliation, misery, misunderstanding and obstructions in life

Saturn governs the teeth, feet, bones, knees, acids, ribs, marrows, hair, nails, legs, secretive system, nerves, left ear, secretive system, lower portion of legs. And the diseases related to Saturn are paralysis, insanity, limbs injury, cancer, tumors, idiocy, glandular disease, wind, phlegm, heart, pain, rheumatism, consumption, indigestion and bronchitis.

Saturn is the lord of darkness and it rules minerals like lead, uranium, kerosene, petrol, coal etc. because they all are found under darkness or under the dark region of earth. Saturn controls hidden treasures. Bricklaying, pottery, masonry, plumbing and other laborious and uncongenial employment. All farmers, miners, coal, junk or produce dealers, property owners are ruled by Saturn.


Generally Saturn shows a malefic nature for all ascendants except Libra and Taurus whereas it acts as yog karka, lord of kendre and trine. The evils of Saturn are curbed when Saturn is poisted in its own or in its exaltation house or in Jupiter’s house and when it transits.


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