Professions best suited from Taurus

General characteristics of Taurus

Its element is earth, ruling planet is Venus, quality is fixed and its symbol is the bull.

Taureans are stable, conservative and sensual. Traditionally they are said to be short, stocky stature, with strong shoulders and large necks. They are fond of smart clothes, jewelry and comfortable Life. They are impressed by bigness. Financial institutions or big corporations are places which are first preferences of Taurians. They are fond of physical pleasure as well as material comfort. They have artistic skills and often Taureans become good actors, singers, sculptors, interior decors or involve in work with the earth in one or the other ways. They are down to earth and practical.

It is a second sign of zodiac with fixed earth. Strong Taurus natives are good advertising and publicity agent, throat-specialist, actor, singer, musician, those connected with entertainment and amusement, tailors, gardeners, nursery owners,  dealer of vehicles, cosmetics, jewellery, costly fabric, garments, fashion articles, finance, broker, company –manager, accountant, farmer, horticulturist, agriculturist, or carpets, cement etc.  They also deal in milk, land, sugar, cotton and similar professions.

If sun is in the Taurus, native will earn in films or music or fine arts and is competent and practical in whatever he does.

Moon in Taurus makes one noble, discreet, dignified with slow and steady progress.

Mars in Taurus gives gains from agriculture and moderate wealth.

Saturn in Taurus will help native earn livelihood from luxury related goods or transactions.

Likewise we will have explanation of other planets like mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Rahu and ketu.


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