Professions best suited for Virgoans

General characteristics of Virgo

Its element is earth, ruling planet is mercury, quality is mutable and its symbol is THE VIRGIN.

Virgoans are natural bureaucrats but socially they tend to be shy and lack of confidence when expressing their feelings. They will accomplish what is impossible to others. They will shine in professions of mass communication and will shine well. They will at times regret in solitude that others do not understand their abilities. Virgoans keep changing their plans. They are not conservatives. They want frequent changes in everything. They will buy a new thing today only to discard it tomorrow as having become old. They can resist anything that threatens to upset the boundaries of their expectations and established order.

Virgo natives do well in jobs requiring intelligence and efficiency like psychologists, psychiatrists, healers, professors, mathematician, computers, astrologers, accountant, auditors commerce and trade, ca, mba, paper dealers,  book keepers,  authors or writers jobs related with communications or transport, clerk, stenos, land owners,  television, radio, internet. One has better chances of rising under some feminine control.

Moon in Virgo makes native fortunate, learned, lecturer, advocate, do business, trade, interested in foreign lands and successful in life and profession. Strong or full moon gives still better results. Mars in Virgo makes one a musician or a shilpi or a technocrat or an agriculturist with a more pragmatic and cool headed approach.

Saturn in Virgo makes native commercial minded in career, accountancy, commerce etc.

Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.


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