Professions best suited for Sagittarians

Its element is fire, ruling planet is Jupiter, quality is mutable and the symbol is the archer

They are noble persons who are very helpful to others. They are great counselors, untiring workers, knowledgeable and good at extracting work from others. They will be conservatives not only by conviction but also by practice. They cannot adapt themselves to the changing trends very easily and quickly. They will follow the dicta of elders and preceptor. They do well in machines, chemicals, artifacts, public service, administrative jobs, banks, philosophers, diplomats, electronics, computers, and commission business and through journeys across long distances. They will not be carried away by money or fame. They will be persons of good habits and actions.

It denotes ministers, councilors, priests, teachers, preachers, school, temples, lawyers, judges, explorers, consultants, physicians, civil engineers, army officers,  patriots, sportsman, weaponry, animal husbandry, executive bankers, financial experts, magistrates, accountancy, astrology, professors, philosophers, writers , publishers, woolen traders, shoe or footwear. He may do well in jobs of bravery, courage and social activities. Afflicted Jupiter can make one a offender.

Sun in Sagittarius makes one happy and wealthy as a scholar or skilled man in use of weapons and hands. He may be a teacher warrior, a surgeon, engineer, artist, artisan, mechanic or sports man..

Mars in Sagittarius makes one a warrior. He could spoil his health and wealth due to his anger and harsh speech

Saturn in Sagittarius makes native adopt career in field of forest , wood, spiritual societies and services.

Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.


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