Professions best suited for Pisceans

Its element is water, ruling planet is Jupiter, its quality is mutable and symbol is the two fishes.

Pisces are emotional, sensitive, impressionable and vulnerable. They are imaginative, poetic and even psychic. They are lover of beauty and nature. Also they may be too soft, too compassionate, and give in to unreasonable requests and unjustified demands. Pliant and diplomatic, they do not usually have to face showdowns. They enjoy healing professions like nursing, social work and physiotherapy. They are great biologists, artists, interior decors, graphic designers, fashion designers, musicians, psychologists, astrologers, academician, philosophers, media person, journalist, travel writer, directors, entertainer or cosmetology.

It denotes doctors, anaesthetisist, nurses, water supply works, shipping, fisheries, marine products, navy, international trade, fortunes through wife, priest, courts, lawyers, place and work at places of confinement, work as prison guards,  work in orphanage for secret services, sanatorium workers,  wardens,  dealers in petrol, oils, chemicals, paint and perfumes, teaching jobs, work requiring imagination like cinema, film script writing, composing etc.

Sun in Pisces makes one learned, popular; succeed over rivals and gains in profession connected with water.

Moon in Pisces makes one technician, engineer, warrior, musicians, navigator or a government servant.

Mars in Pisces makes one reside in foreign land with honorable job.

Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.


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