Professions best suited for Leo

General characteristics of Leo

Its element are fire, ruling planet is the sun, quality is fixed and symbol is THE LION.

Leo is creative, artistic, colorful, generous, honest and revolutionary. They are able persons who can readily take up any job and complete it. At the same time they are full of contradictions and are sometimes restless. They will have great administrative talents. Once they have panned something, they will work their way through it, come what may. They have few but sincere friends. They will never covet other’s wealth. Poets, artistes, politicians, engineers, chemists, doctors, military personal, dentists, metallurgists, sportspersons, astronauts, astronomers, traders or experts in law are professions of interest of leonians.

Leo strong natives are dynamic, dominating, creative, cruel, self made person who can not be dictated and do well in jobs of authority and power. Such natives are civil servants, politicians, ministers, chief executives, diplomats, speculators, auditors, investment business, jewellery and gold, fireman, theatre owners, ambassadors, forest officers, dealers or manufacturer of drugs or chemicals, film and drama directors or magician. If afflicted one becomes one becomes criminal too.

Sun in Leo makes one rule over others. One will be famous, brilliant and wealthy, whatever be the profession.

Mars in Leo makes one enterprising and daring in politics or endeavours and conquers all hurdles or enemies in profession. Afflicted mars makes native violate norms in his over zeal and the endeavor may go in vain

 Saturn in Leo makes native successful in government authorities or jobs connected to government. They have success in later period of their life.


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