Professions best suited for Aquarians

Its element is air, ruling planet is Saturn, its quality is fixed and the symbol is the water carrier.

Aquarius has strong mental force, but they are as a rule, generally misunderstood by others. They are thinkers, reasoners and make natural heads of business organizations or any form of government work. They are independent and high-minded in all their actions, and detest being under the restraint of others. Aquarius is a fixed sign; Aquarians often develop a lifestyle, or a set of attitudes, which they find impossible to change. They worship intellectual, clever people and are deep thinkers. They rarely interfere with the affairs of others, but they will never stand interference from others.

It denotes professors, philosopohers, public relation officers,  intellectuals, researchers, scientists, engineers, astrologers, computers hardware expert, automobile expert, atomic or space expert, aeroplane mechanics, electricians, dealer in metals, transport jobs, ferries, aquatic products.

If sun is in the aquarius, one is malicious and skilful but is disliked by others due to changing loyalty and infidelity.

Mars in aqiuarius makes one an evil and unfortunate and causes fall from position or heavy losses due to his mis deeds.

Saturn in aquarius makes one expert in secret knowledge, psychology, administration etc. they become good teacher or guide, intellectual worker.

Likewise there is explanation of other remaining planets.


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