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Number 3 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

Jupiter the lord of number 3 is influenced by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. It is also influenced by their three consorts, the goddesses of learning, wealth and courage. Jupiter dominates all creative phases of the world.

There are two kinds of persons under the influence of Jupiter. Some are greatly influenced by Jupiter and they will be self confident. There are others who are less influenced by Jupiter. They will not be self confident.

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    Here are characteristics of persons who are greatly influenced by Jupiter.

    Number 3 persons are self confident. They advance in life by virtue of their own efforts. They are noble persons who are helpful to others. They are greatly pious and patriotic. They always respect the words of the elders. They will be respected wherever they go. They respect honor more than even life. They are untiring workers. They are even good at extracting work from others encouraging them and being strict with them together. They are pious and religious. They will respect religions of other than their own too. But they may not be able to adapt themselves to the changing trends very easily and very quickly. They will accomplish anything based on their personal assessments. They will stick to principles of justice in achieving anything. They will not talk about good and bad that befalls on them.

    They will exert themselves more in public services than in personal business. They are tenacious persons. Great positions will seek them by virtue of their noble nature. They will not covet the offices of others. They have forgiving nature. They will strive for the promotion of truth. They will express their opinions very clearly and appealingly. They are eloquent persons.

    Persons born under the influence of Jupiter may have to shoulder responsibilities at a very young age. They will deliver dialogues in a grand manner. As such these persons have ability to earn money by making speeches and by writing.

    They will become great industrialists, judicial experts, lawyers, justices of law. They will earn in the field of cinema, sports and even politics. They will become great ministers, great trustees and great businessman.

    They will travel abroad frequently and can earn a lot of wealth from abroad. Even friends of number 3 persons in abroad will be helpful for them. They will be famous doctors and experts indigenous medicines. They can also be scientists taking up research in new areas. They will also serve the military in the navy or the artillery and infantry.

    Number 3 persons will complete any job in the best manner possible. They can easily understand the feelings of the others. They can attract the minds of others. They are strict and dutiful when it comes to any office they hold.

    They will be knowledgeable in meditation, yoga and are aware of the judicial systems. Since they are dominated by Jupiter they themselves become great teachers and preceptors.

    They will never be taken aback by failure and also they will not lose their head at the same time of success and victory.

    They cannot be easily cheated and they will not cheat anyone. They will have good friends who listen to their words.

    They will achieve great fame as cinema producers, script writers, story tellers, dialogue writer, recording and cinema direction. They can become great actors.

    They will have gradual development in their life. They will be trading in gold and gems. They will have decent life with a good spouse, obedient children, house, land and vehicle.

    They will do well in trading of machines, chemicals, artifacts. They will make lot of money as commission agent. They will take up journeys across long distances. They will have contacts with people abroad and will thus enter in export and import business. People in far off countries will be helpful to number 3 persons.

    They will have a fine research bent of mind. They will excel in the fields of physics, scriptures, electronics and computers. They willingly involved in public service and render great social service. They can become great administrators in the department of defense and can become good and respected military officers. They can also excel in swimming competitions. Mostly number 3 persons are found in judicial and banking sector. They will not take up business that will not promise profits.


    Number 3 persons can become good teachers, justices, lawyers, diplomats, ministers, secretaries, marketing managers, traders, police officers, doctors of medicines, bank officers, traders in dress materials, gems and actors. They will hold great positions in schools, colleges and universities.

    They will always encourage others and appreciate the abilities in them. They will not be carried away by money or fame. They hate to flatter others for the sake of fulfilling their own purposes. If they happen to dislike someone they will leave them quickly. Right from youth they will remain just and honest.

    In short number 3 persons who are properly influenced by Jupiter will lead a great life.

    Persons who are less influenced by Jupiter will face many hurdles in life. They will be obstinate in nature and will spend extravagantly. They will certainly become debtors. They will not respect others. They will have less social circle. They will be lazy in their youth and will harbor evil thoughts in their minds. They will make money through irregular means. They will tend to fail in whatever they undertake.

    Number 3 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

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