Power of Numbers : Number Six – Venus

Persons born on 6, 15, and 24  in any month

Number 6 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

Number 6 [ Venus ] – number 6 are all those persons born on 6,15 and 24 in any month. They are born under the influence of the planet Venus.

Number 6 persons are virtuous persons. They will earn money by the business that affords pleasure to people. They will live a life of pleasures. They like arts. They will make people happy and make a living out of it. They will be very good in pious practices. They will earn reputation of being lords of arts. They are dominated by number 6 influenced by the planet Venus. They will have an eye for beauty and the aesthetic.

Number 6 persons will have attractive personality with an alluring face. They will succeed in any endeavour with their untiring work and tenacity. The bliss of pleasure afforded by Venus will be manifested in each of their actions and features. Wealth, fame and dignity always accompany them throughout their life.

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    Their mind will always be involved in stories, epics, music, literature, painting and dance. They will be particularly attracted by beautiful objects. They will be particularly attracted by sex and other sensory pleasures. They will always think that life is meant to be lived. They will never feel frustrated with life and express any hatred towards the world. They will use occult powers for the sake of fulfilling their intentions. They will get involved in spirituality with an eye on profit and selfishness.

    Number 6 persons will think many times before they take up anything. They will never withdraw from whatever they have taken up. They will enjoy worldly pleasures wholeheartedly. They will get great positions in life. They will always appear with a smiling face. Still they will forget the help rendered by others. They are not particularly grateful persons.

    They will spend money for the sake of fame and ego satisfaction. They will derive pleasures from arts, drama, cinema. They will fare well in these departments of life. They will also be adept in writing poetry, songs, stories and articles. They will also be good in dancing, singing, cinematography, action and direction.

    They will have their houses, offices and vehicles aesthetically designed. They will have a special liking for trees, flowers, plants, rivers, springs and birds. They will always be surrounded by people. They will always have servants around them. They will have a great desire for jewellery and precious gems. They will have permanent profession associated with the aesthetic and achieve advancement in life.

    Number 6 persons will become famous artistes. People will fell a prey to their physical  charm and sweet speech. They will always enjoy mass support. Because of their attractive appearance they will earn friends easily. They will make money with the help of their eloquence and brain power.

    Number 6 persons will shine well in all departments related to arts. They will be great achievers in politics. They will enjoy great appreciation in the field of sports.  Famous actors and actresses are number 6 persons. They will become experts in astrology, medicine and occultism and all disciplines related to the powers of the mind.

    Number 6 persons will be found to be in college professors, religious leaders, poets, writers of songs, actors, persons, organizers of cultural groups, vets, scientists of new discoveries, sportspersons and traders. They will be well employed. They know the secrets of the trades of fashionable articles. They will be in trades like garments making, selling artifacts, manufacturing fashionable goods that attract women, real estate, beauty parlour, jewellery and gemology medicines. Models, instrument selling, producing films, making perfumes, building great and aesthetically designed houses, soft drink manufacturing, selling things for the use in religious practices and rituals, lottery, betting are other trades in which we can find number 6 persons.

    Number 6 men will marry very beautiful women. Number 6 woman will marry very charming men. They will have desire for land, gold and women. If they get married to a person of compatible number, they will experience great advancement in life. They will have desire for pleasure and will fulfill their desires anyhow. They will at times become suspicious by nature. They like luxury and extravagance. They will not be perturbed by anything and will achieve luxury and extravagance. At times they get angry and once angry, they won’t hesitate to confront anyone. They are highly diplomatic.


    Whether they are in private or government office, business their work will be related to the artistic. They will have expertise in mathematics. They will be versed in epics. They will achieve anything with the help of their eloquence. Hereditary property will be of great help to them. They will achieve great success in cinema and in its production field.

    So number 6 persons will have prosperous life. They will live very well.

    Persons who are less influenced by Venus will indulge in criminal activities punishable by the society with relish. They will speak pleasingly and cheat others. Again they will bring ill reputation to their families and even to their nations. They will fall a prey to lust. Similarly women who are less influenced by Venus will be treacherous persons. They are not responsible family persons. They may be wandering everywhere.

    If these persons have a changed lucky name then they will surely struggle less in life and the defective effects of Venus will be nullified and they can the benefits of name, reputation, wealth and influence among people.

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