Power of Numbers : Number Seven – Ketu

Persons born on 7, 16, and 25  in any month

Number 7 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

Number 7 [ Ketu ]- number 7 persons are full of love, charity, munificence and benevolence. Their faces will have such brightness and divine satisfaction. They will have lot of faith in the scriptures. They will adept in yoga, secrets of skills and psychology.

They will be charitable persons. They will complete any work they undertake. They will never retrace their steps. They will keep their mind and body always clean. They will be dressed cleanly. They do not like extravagance. Their speech will be sedate. There will be lot of self confidence and courage about them. Number 7 persons are totally different from other number persons. they will devise principles for themselves and live accordingly. They will have a few but very good friends. They always remain honest and therefore will have minor conflicts with others.

Their mind will be stronger than their body. But at times they will be given to confusion. If they enjoy mass support, they will take up any daring venture and succeed. They will assign particular time for everything they do and therefore can easily stick to time. Their minds will be easily affected by the circumstances around.

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    Number 7 persons do not want interference from anywhere in what they do as they are independent persons. they will have new ideas constantly arising from within. They will be lucky in profession or business associated with arts.


    They will introduce many new trends into their business and profession. Actually number 7 people can be divided in two groups firstly those persons who expertise in arts by birth and total success in any profession or business related to arts. They will have aesthetic desires and spiritual learning’s. Second group is of persons who will like to work in fields like mathematics, chemicals, science. They do not like arts. Number 7 persons will usually be adept in fiction, painting, epic, music, dance, poetry, songs, acting and direction.

    They have the powers of eloquence and writing. They will make a lot of money by writing and making speeches. They will also fare very well in the field of cinema. They will retain devotion towards parents and their nation right from their young days. They will work revolutions in politics. They will be diplomatic and will also possess skills in governing. They will help anyone who seeks their help.

    They are very good hosts. More than in sports they will become genius in politics and cinema. They will never make money by lottery and betting. Number 7 persons are people who achieve greatness by their efforts. Geniuses, sages, doctors, scientists, political leaders, cinema actors who belong to number 7 are those who achieve great positions with the help of their intense labor.

    They will adjust with others. They will have genius in arts, fiction, music, acting and writing from their young days. They will remain in domestic life and still achieve spiritual wisdom. At times they will make big of even small matters because of their imaginative nature. This keeps them worried. They will withdraw themselves from endeavours they don’t like.

    They will always remain brisk taking up ore job or the other. They will be desirous of having anything done under their direct supervisions. That is the main reason for their success in business. Many number 7 persons cross the seas and come back with a great wealth and money earned abroad. they have the abilities to foresee. They will have divine powers about them. However famous and rich or powerful they may become, they will remain humble.

    Though they may face many ups and downs in their prosperity at the beginning of their life, they will become affluent when they reach their youth. They will always be getting enough money to take care of their needs. their family life will have both the good and the bad mixed evenly. If the name is lucky, their family life will be happy. If the name is not lucky, they may not have happy domestic life. Many number 7 persons will travel extensively in their lives or else they will read books about foreign people and faraway lands. Many people influenced by the 7 vibration are strongly attracted to the sea and sometime they are associated with sailing, water sports or navy.

    They will achieve complete success in spirituality. Number 7 men and women are both hard workers. They will be found always working. Great writers, painters, printers, musicians, music directors, architects, cinema directors, sound recordists, camera men, actors and actresses are all number 7 persons. they will shine well in cinema, politics and spirituality.

    They will do anything aesthetically and succeed in all business and profession. They are found to become successful in law, judicature, finance, liquid products selling, pharmaceuticals, exports and import, shipping, petrol and gas supply, finance business and chemicals. Number 7 persons are knowledgeable about what all is happening around the world. They will have abundant practical knowledge. They will prove their skills in all the disciples. They will be fond of travel. Also they are fond of animals. They will enjoy lasting fame and all their intentions will be fulfilled.

    But those who are less influenced by Ketu will have many evil thoughts in the mind. Their speech will become treacherous. They make a living cheating others. They will become criminals. Also these persons will indulge in excessive sex pleasures and sensual pleasures. But if they make their name lucky on favourable number, they will enjoy all luck in life and will live life full of wealth, fame and reputation.

    Number 7 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

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