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Persons born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 in any month

Number 1 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

The number 1 stands in its symbolism for the planet sun. Now these are the characteristics of people born on number one- these are characteristics of persons who are perfectly influenced by number 1. The number influenced by the sun is one. God who nourishes the whole world and rules everything is also one.


Persons who belong to number one are noble in character. They are able persons who can readily take up any job and complete it successfully. They will have great administrative talents. They will get involved in any work they undertake and with a characteristic steadfastness. Once they have planned something, they will work their way through it, whatever comes in way. They will bring about revolutions in politics.


In profession, they will remain dignified and dutiful. They will also be prepared to do anything for the sake of friends. They will have mass appeal. They hate slavery. Persons influenced by one can understand matters of great implications without much of an effort. They can do well in fields of medicine, astrology, occutalism, music, sculpturing, cinema, public speech, writing and yoga.

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    Persons influenced perfectly by sun are business oriented. They can establish great business concerns and companies. They will work without any respite until they achieve great fame. They will be ready to sacrifice anything for the sake of friendship. Again politicians, artistes, poets, chemists, doctors, sidda doctors, military personal, surgeons, dentists, metallurgists, astrologers, sportspersons, astronauts, astronomers, traders, experts in law field are all born under the influence of number 1.

    Sun bestows great luck to the persons born on the date influenced by sun. They will act only according to their own conscience. They will amass great wealth because of great personal virtues and skills. They will indulge in travel beyond the seas, going to far off countries and enjoying the scenic beauty of mountains. They will have very good house, vehicles and business.

    Also people influenced perfectly by sun will earn great wealth through government contracts. They will have a research bent of mind in the fields of science and technology. They will practice religious and spiritual disciples. They will have such a strong mind that they will always keep their emotions under control. Also they will have a bright appearance with both physical health and mental health. Persons influenced by sun have permanent income. They can accept both success and defeat equanimously. They will be knowledgeable in the paths of wisdom.

    Money will reach them from many sources. Government offices will seek them. Powerful positions will knock their doorsteps. Again people blessed by sun are fortunate enough to be in different trades. These trades will be associated with electricity, computers, iron and fire. They can do well in business of transportation of goods from one place to another. Again they can be successful exporters and importers. They will also be interested in farm management. They will do well in hotel management, foundry business and anything related to sunlight. They will be experts in enacting new legislative measures. They will study anything from the new perspectives.

    In short people influenced perfectly and blessed with sun will have very prosperous life. But people who are less influenced by sun will not have the above characteristics. They will have to face many hurdles and their family life will be filled with confusion. They will have less stability in life and faces financial instability. Even some people will be addicted to bad habits. They have to face enormous hurdles in their profession and more important is that they will not have benefits from govt offices and have least possibility of govt jobs. They will face problems in advancements in their professional life.

    Persons who are less influenced by number 1 will suffer from eye diseases, dental problems, problems of indigestion, blood pressure and heart problems.

    Number 1 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

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