Power of Numbers : Number Four – Rahu [Uranus]

Persons born on 4, 13, 22, and 31 in any month

Number 4 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

Number 4 persons have pure thoughts. They are sympathetic and treat everyone with friendliness. They will not be addicted to any habits. They will be explicit about their convictions. They are very eloquent. They will put forward their ideas in a clear and attractive manner. They will be knowledgeable about many things in the world. They will derive lot of satisfaction in helping the poor.

 But at times they will flare up with anger. But that anger is shot lived. This is very necessary for number 4 persons to have control on their anger if they need to rise high in their lives as well as career. Though they may have intense attitudes at the beginning of their life, but they will tone down as they advance in their age. They will get rid of their own short comings and become sedate.

Number 4 persons are largely involved in politics, judicature, social welfare, revolutionary changes in society. They are involved in endeavours establishing principles of justice. They will bestow the new and novel ideas on the society taking it towards betterment. They will be widely spread in all walks of life. They will be found from the highest positions to the lowest positions in life. But those who are born on 4, 13, 22 and 31 in any month will only acquire the characteristics of their respective birth numbers. But changes in their lives and other advancements are decided by their sum number.

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    Number 4 persons are courageous. They will not be upset by failures. They will always cherish the desire to advance in life. Though they may face failures in their early attempts, they will retain their tenacity and finally will become successful. They will excel in the fields of scriptures, science, mathematics, medicines. They will show interest in painting, spirituality, literature, poetry, epic, books related to stories and science. Mostly number 4 persons are devoted to spirituality. They will practice certain rituals and modes of worship. They can foresee the good and the bad that may befall them. These persons will spend hard earned money on luxurious life. In their young life they may be interested in activities and sports. During adolescence their desires will be riveted on a life of pleasures. But as they reach forties and fifties they will become spiritual and may be interested in philosophy. Some of number 4 persons will renounce domestic life at that age.


    Number 4 persons are greatly involved in the fields like politics, cinema and sports. Political and legal experts, diplomats, scientific researchers, scientists, lawyers, famous doctors, spiritual leaders, story writers, poets, singers, cinema artists, directors, cameraman, actresses, famous sportsperson, exporters and importers, industrialists are persons influenced by number 4. They can do well in business like animal husbandry, physical exercise implements, and transport business. But they like to earn a good reputation in business and profession rather than in making huge profits. They will be interested in psychology. They will make money through the use of their intelligence. They can become great journalists and can do well in fields like civil engineering, social sciences and politics. Again number 4 persons are good at hypnotism, occultism and in investigations. If they opt these as there fields they will have good success in these fields. But they are outspoken about their own opinions unmindful of the status or powers or wealth of others. They never like anyone to interrupt their endeavours. When there is an interference of any kind, they become impatient and angry. They cannot be easily understood. They are impulsive and at the same time they are sensitive. They will take offence very quickly. Bit in short number 4 persons thoughts and fancies will usually come true. They can make history. Their fame and reputation will sustain for long.

    But number 4 persons who are negatively affected by Rahu are criminals. They are always surrounded by lust, enmity, ill reputation, incurable diseases and depressions. They will not respect elders and their married life will not be good. They will be wandering aimlessly.

    Number 4 and 8 are known as numbers of fate, numbers of karma and hard luck seems to pursue those whose lives are dominated by the number 4 and 8.

    Number 4 | Name Characteristics | Lucky colours, gems, dates and signature

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