Mantras for removal of anxiety and accomplishment of desires

Recite the following mantra for one lakh and 25 thousand times. Lite dhoop [incense] in front of the sadhaka while reciting. Once the sadhaka has completed recitation for 1.25 lakh times, whenever there is anxiety on any matter, recite the mantra once and think in your mind that you may be relieved of anxiety. Anxiety will be removed and auspicious results achieved.

 Om Hraam Hreem Hroom Hrown Hra: A-SI-Aa-U-Saa Nama: Swaahaa:

 Mantra for fulfillment of desires

 Recitation of the following mantra daily in the morning as many times as possible will fulfill one’s desires. This is a very powerful and mantra.

 Om Hreem A Si Aa U Saa Nama

 Mantra for peace of mind

 Om Hreem Arhathe Utpatha Utpatha Swaahaa.

 Take mustard seeds and recite the following mantra for 21 times. Keep these seeds on your hand for few minutes. All your desires will be fulfilled.

Om Purushakaaye Aghoraaye Pravega Tho Jaaya Lahu Kuru Kuru Swaahaa.

Recite the following mantras for 2000 times on Deepavali day. All your desires will be fulfilled.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Sree Paarshwanaathaaya Hreem Dharendra Padmaavathee Sahithaaya Atte Mutte Kshudra Vighatte Kshudraana Sthambhaya Sthambhaya Dushtaana Chooraya Chooraya Manovaanchitha Pooraya Pooraya Swaahaa.

Daily recite the following mantra for 108 times for fulfillment of desires

Om Hreem Sree Sree Shaanthi Naathaaya Jagath Shanthi Karaaya Sarvo-padrava-shaanthi Kuru Kuru Heem Nama: Swaahaa.


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