Mantras for happy existence and peace of mind

 A person who has peace of mind is the richest person. To get a peace of mind in this materialistic world is a big thing.

For peace of mind here I am recommending certain mantras. But for that certain rules are to be followed.

After taking bath early morning, wear clean cloth. Sit relaxed completely facing north. Place your deity photograph in front of you on white cloth at some distance.

Light ghee deep and aggarbati.

Recite the following mool mantra with due respect and do Namaskar in the end.

 Om Nama Sidhebhayeh, Om Nama Sidhebhayeh, Om Nama Sidhebhayeh.

 After that recite the following mantra with prayer

Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina Serve Santu Nirameya.

Sarve Bhadrani Pashyantu Ma Kashichad Dukh Bhag Bhavete

 Prayer- all should be in comfort, all be without diseases, all should see the articles who give  comforts and no one should be worried and in discomforts.

After that recite ten rosary of “om shanti”

Then at the time of sleep recite three rosary of the mool mantra.

This process be continued and you will have complete peace of mind.


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