Mantras for delayed marriage

This is again a tested mantra to be recited by girl for having good husband of her choice.

The mantras are

“Om hareeng kumaraye namah sawaha”

This mantra should be recited by girl for one lakh and 25 thousand times.


The girl should recite the following mantra. The girl should worship maa durga and then recite five rosary of the following mantra daily for 21 days.

“Hey gauri shankaradhan yatha twam shankarpriya

Tatha man kuru kalyani kantkantan sudurlabham”


Again here is a tested mantra to find a suitable boy for daughter.

“Om katyayani mahabhage mahayoginy adhishvarim

Nand gop sutam devi patiam me kurute namah”

The above mantra be recited in the morning facing east and facing west in the evening on a asana with clean clothes at a lonely place by the girl. At every sittings at least five rosaries be performed. After 41 days continuos recitation and on Friday or Monday shukal pakash pooja of mother parvati be performed and girl should offer meals to nine minor girls and three small boys. According to one’s capacity girls be offered dupatas and colthes to boys. Donation be given to Brahmin. One will be successful in her desires.


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