Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra

Maha mrityunjaya mantra or sarv siddhi mantra for health wealth and prosperity.

It is the most auspicious mantra described in Vedas. Daily recitation of this mantra is very useful to the native and saves and helps man in the many difficulties, hurdles, troubles and turmoil’s. It is a tested mantra.

The native or sadhaka should recite this mantra one lakh times. It bestows health, wealth and power. It also saves the native or sadhaka from untimely death.

This mantra is also known to be amrit sanjivni nidya mantra

For improvement and success in education, recite the mantra and pour sweet milk water on the shivalingha.

The mantra is as follows

“Om hoong joon sah bhoorbhava swaha

tarayambakam yajyamaha sughandhim pushtivardhanam

urvarukmev bandhnan mritiyo bhukshaye mamritat

Bhoorbhva sawaron joon sa hoong om”

Another way to use samput in mhamritanje mantra is as

“Om hoong joon sah om bhoorbhava swaha

om tarayambakam yajyamaha om tasyavitur varaneyam

om sugandhim pushtivardhanam

om bhargo devasya dhimahi

om urvarukmev bandhnat

om diyo yo na prachodyat om mritiyomukshaye mamritat

om swaha bhoova bhoo om sah joon hoong om”


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