Luxmi Mantra

This is again tested mantra

Recite this mantra one lakh times five times daily. One is blessed with wealth.

“om namo dhandaye swaha”

The mantra bestows wealth and happiness. Also it saves from turmoils and troubles.

For successful accomplishment of mantra sidhi practitioner must follow the following codes.

  • Take bath with water before the commencement of recitation.
  • Use correct asana
  • Use correct mudra
  • Wear the correct coloured clothes
  • Recitation should be done in front of your favourite deity.
  • Lit oil lamp and incenses.
  • Offer flowers, banana, coconut and other eatables to the idol of deity before and after recitation.
  • Keep a separate place for recitation.
  • Take vegetarian food.
  • Observe brahmcharaya throughout the period of recitation.

Recite the mantras with clarity, correct pronunciation and by giving pause between words. Don’t be in hurry. Keep it a point that before the commencement of recitation think in your mind the purpose for which you are performing the sadhana. Mantras inflicting injury or harm to another and infatuation should be used only in a rare case. There is always danger of anti effect to self on these two types of mantras. Use rosary[ mala ] for counting.


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