Kaal surp dosh /  kal sarp dosha

Kaal surp dosh is formed when all the planets are between Rahu and ketu axis in natives chart.

People get scared just when they listen that they have kaal surp dosh in their charts. They feel that they would definitely pass through agonies through out their life.

But to our surprise no body knows from where this kaal surp dosh has originated. To my opinion and by opinion of practical and good astrologers life of a person depends upon other factors, yoga and planetary conditions of the native. A native’s life depends upon birth chart in totality and not on kaal surp dosh alone.

For example Single Raj yoga cannot make every person emperor because there are many other good and bad yoga in birth chart.

Karmas especially positive karmas and honesty in dealings as well as in life definitely have powers to defeat any bad or negative yoga in native’s life. It may take time but constant positive efforts definitely bear fruits.

A single kaal surp dosh does not say that native will pass through agonies throughout life. On the other hand due to this yoga native can reach at the top most positions through hard work and karmas despite mental restlessness. Native could have great success if he develops himself out through mental restlessness and can reach at highest levels in their respective fields.

Hardwork and some failures in life are great teachers who guides and can make your success route very bright. So one should not be scared of bad yoga in their charts. Face them and challenge them. With time success is definite.

Even if some people are worried because it is easy to advice and difficult to face then also remedies are there.

  • Worship lord Shiva more and more.
  • Fix swastika made of silver on auspicious time on your main door.
  • Recite baj rang ban at least for five times a day. Or you should recite hanuman chalisa.
  • Worship maa durga either by reciting few chapters of durga saptshi or recite daily Devi suktam.

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