Remedies through gem therapy: Gomed [hessonite]

Gomed [ hessonite ]- Rahu is again recognized as shadow planet as it does not have physical body and it is also always in retrograde position. Rahu’s colour is blue like sky as well as ocean and these two come Gomed (Hessonite) under its governance. If Rahu is malefic then it will have it will have unfavorable effect on native for 42 years. trouble to progeny and fight with senior persons occur when Rahu is debilitated. But if exalted it raises the man to the zenith of sky, vanquishes its enemies and rules over all that he surveys.

Rahu in general indicates harsh speech, movements, traveling, foreigners, paternal grandfather, gambling, out castes, reptiles, snakes, snake bites, theft, wickedness and widows. Rahus’s malefic effects continuous till 42nd year thereafter everything [ wealth, power and health] is revived but till then it creates unbearable problems in one’s life and even death. It is the ring leader of thugs, cheats, dacoits and thieves. It strikes in natives life without warning. Rahu in conjunction with sun, Saturn and mars gives more devastating results.

Diseases caused by Rahu are cholera, rheutism, dysentery and nasty diseases of mind and body. It evens compels or develops tendency to commit suicide. Also it creates such problems in one’s body that are difficult to diagnose. Rahu is exalted in Taurus.

Benefits of wearing Gomed (hessonite)

Gomed is cold in nature and it helps to cure the diseases of Rahu and Saturn. It also helps to improve gastric problems, appetite and vitality. It confers native good health, wealth and happiness. It helps the person in all round prosperity.

But it must be worn according to the advise of the astrologer otherwise it may cause discomfort and restlessness. If it suits a person, it confers success and victory over enemies. It helps to cure mental disorders.

Professions that get boost after wearing gomed (hessonite)

Cinema, music, dance, film production, publishing magazines or newspapers, schools of martial art, artists.

Those involved in business related to transport, printing press, computer, chemical factory, cinema theatre, grocery, shops, clubs, service centres and any business that attracts people can benefit from gomed.

Again people who are engineers, involved in export and imports, commission agents, hostel administrators, medicines sales, dairy and agricultural implements can have good increase in their business after wearing gomed.

Those involved in astrology, show business, public speech. Production of vehicles, production of rubber, wood and associated business can take benefit from it.

Method of wearing gomed

If necessary only then it has to be worn in the middle finger of right hand studded in silver under the strict supervision of the astrologer on Thursday evening. Its weight may vary from four to six ratti.


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