Remedies through gem therapy: Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire or topaz for malefic or weak Jupiter.

Jupiter in birth chart indicates extent to which one would have wealth, success, honor, fortune glory and meritious action. Also it is a signification of children and wealth, law, religion, bank, companies. It also indicates long journeys, air travels, prosperity, inheritance, pilgrimage, popularity. Also it gives gain in business, political power when it is benefic.

When it is weak or malefic, it denies birth of son. It can make a person extremist, lavish, extravagant and careless. Weak, afflicted and malefic Jupiter causes disputes, improvidence, disagreement and loss in speculative things.

[hana-code-insert name=’rectangle’ /]Also Jupiter rules over kidney, thigh, flesh, arterial system, blood, feet, fat, liver and right ear. And the diseases indicated are jaundice, liver complaints, hernia, fat in the body and one becomes fatty, sleeping sickness and piles etc.

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    The magnetic power of gems.

    Gems are mostly used for curative purpose. They are also used for wealth, longetivity, power and for fighting diseases. When gems comes in contact with the body, it injects rays into the body, restoring the balance between deficiency and excess.

    So this is how yellow sapphire helps to tackle and cures diarrhea, jaundice, impotency gastritis, ulcer, heart problems, rheumatism, gout, arthritis etc.

    Again yellow sapphire and red coral help ladies in their early marriage. Also yellow sapphire increases the rate of success in higher studies.  combination of yellow sapphire with other stones gives success in competitive exams. In promotion, trade and business  yellow sapphire plays a great role.

    Also if you are under the effects of dasha of Venus and Venus is giving problem to you then the problems may be countered by wearing yellow sapphire. Wearing of yellow sapphire will be beneficial as it is luck stone. If worn with red coral it will be more beneficial. But if your Jupiter is malefic then you should worship lord Vishnu and lord Shiva in addition to wearing yellow sapphire specially in dasha of Jupiter.

    So in order to have better monetary results, name, fame, wealth and good health one should wear yellow sapphire. Also it helps to improve the eye sight and is supposed to protect a person from calamities, misfortunes and enemies. It cures ulcer rheumatism, gastric problems, jaundice, asthma, arthritis, gout and impotency.

    Curing of diseases

    Yellow sapphire in combination with other stones helps to cure and fight blood cancer, gland cancer, breast cancer, stomach cancer, gallstones, insanity, hernia, appendicitis, phthisis, pleurisy, hypertension, meningitis, carbuncle, piles, pancreatic trouble.

    Professions that are benefited by wearing yellow sapphire

    It helps people who are legal experts, professors, spiritualists, soldiers in army, envoys of peace, people in public service and public welfare. This stone helps those who are philosophers, gemologists, architects, scientist, administering schools and colleges, computers and envoys to foreign countries. This gem stone helps those who wants to occupy and had occupied high positions in the government companies. In business this gem stone can help those who had dairy business, textile, finance, cosmetic items, yarn, and  business concerned with artistic products. Those who are cinematographers and are in production of films can also benefit from it. Yellow sapphire helps to people who are writers and make money out of it. It will specially help people who make money with the help of their finer intelligence.

    Yellow sapphire and birth Signs (rashis)

    The stone of yellow sapphire will be good for Aries, cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. But there are specific conditions and placement of the star Jupiter on which it depends whether yellow sapphire will suit a person or not. Here only some details are given. But for better and specific suitability consult an expert astrologer.


    It is a luck giving stone being the lord of 9th house for Arian. More beneficial if worn with red coral. Also it will give tremendous results in the dasha of Jupiter.


    If Jupiter is placed in 1st, 2nd, 4rth, 5th, 9th houses then only wear topaz during Jupiter mahadasha, otherwise avoid it.


    Do not wear it as Jupiter is markesh as well as is lord of 7th and 10th house.


    As Jupiter is the lord of 6th and 9th house so it can give better results if worn with pearl.


    As it is yog karak for this lagan so it can give good results in combination of ruby specially in the mahadasha of Jupiter.


    A person can wear it but its weight should not exceed four and five rattis in combination with other stones for yielding good results.


    Do not wear it as it is the lord of 3rd or 6th house. It could be worn only in special and specific condition.


    It can be worn as it is the lord of 2nd and 5th house.


    It can be worn. It will yield more better results if worn with ruby stone.


    Do not wear it.


    It can be worn in specific conditions in combination of other stones.


    It will give good results and can yield excellent results if it is worn with pearl and coral.

    Method of wearing yellow sapphire or topaz.

    It should be studded in a gold ring and worn on Thursday of shukal paksh between 6 am to 8 am in the index finger of the right hand. Before the age of 23 one should wear yellow sapphire up to only five ratti. But after 22 years of age one should wear yellow sapphire from five to seven ratti. But wear only good quality of yellow sapphire and make sure that the gem is not dull, spotted, depressed, cracked or webbed.

    Note- wear yellow sapphire under the guidance of expert astrologer as gems are carefully selected for use to affect the body beneficially through their measured radiations. One should wear gems only when they are indispensable.

    How to check the quality of Yellow sapphire

    To have maximum effect, the gemstone chosen should be of good quality. The better the gem’s quality, the more powerful its effect. A good quality yellow sapphire should be flawless, have a lemony color, have no spots, feel smooth when touched, be evenly colored, feel heavy when held in the palm, and should look clean, solid, without layers, and have a good shape.

    A light-colored, transparent yellow stone will have a good effect. A good quality gem looks better when it is rubbed on a testing stone. If a yellow sapphire is dull, does not possess a yellow radiance, looks dried up, has a blackish or brownish tinge to its yellow color, or is a mixed red and yellow or a whitish yellow, is not symmetrical, or when touched, feels rough like sand, it is not considered a good gem.

    Also, if the yellow sapphire has black, drop like spots on it, it is best not to purchase that stone.

    From where yellow sapphires come from

    Good quality yellow sapphires come from Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar (Burma), Cambodia, Australia, Africa, Tasmania, Japan, and Mexico.

    Sri Lanka and India (selling Sri Lankan stones) are generally the best places to purchase natural, untreated yellow sapphires.

    Caution on defective gems

    Do not wear cracked or chipped gems, as they can have a very detrimental effect. Thoroughly inspect gems for defects before purchasing them. A defective gem will cause the wearer trouble. If the gem is milky, the wearer may receive an injury; if it has red dots, he or she may lose wealth; if it is cracked, one might suffer a theft; if it has webs, it may cause stomach problems; if it has a depression, it causes anxiety and mental disturbance.

    If the gem lacks luster or is opaque, one may suffer from family problems or at the hands of one’s enemies.

    The size of gem

    The gem’s size is also important. It is best that a precious stone be at least one carat; two or more carats are better. The minimum size for gems is determined by the type of gem. The less valuable the gem, the larger the stone should be to have the full effect.

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