Remedies through gem therapy: Red Coral [Moonga]

Red coral [moonga]- it is a hot gem. Red coral is used to improve mars. Mars has sudden, explosive and disruptive powers. It is also significator of brothers, courage, energy, ambitions, desires and self confidence. It is responsible for accidents, cuts, wounds and operations. A person having blessings of mars will have independent thoughts, good landed and immovable property. He will have success in competitive exams, will have love for work, resourceful and sharp wit. He will also have good muscular strength.

Red Coral (moonga)If mars is weak or debilitated then a person will be short tempered, rough in nature, quarrelsome and will be bruet. He will practice wrong deals and involve himself in malpractices. He will cooperate less in his family specially with brothers and will be stubborn, hoarder and extravagant.

Weak mars can cause problems in sex organs, muscular system, left ear, face, head, sense of taste, pelvis, kidney, bladder, bone marrow, rectum and testicles.

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Again position of mars indicate manglik dosh. Due to manglik dosh one can face division, separation, opposition, honor and dishonor in his or her’s married life. there could be problems between father and son due to malefic mars. Native will be extremely obstinate, rash, furious, inclined to excessive materialistic pleasure and will engage in unnatural and illicit relations. Due to manglik dosh and malefic mars one can lose respect in society. The charm between husband and wife is not possible in such a situation. Again due to malefic mars and manglik dosh native will be extravagant and makes his life hell under the influence of anger and rashness.

Benefits of wearing red coral

When a person is under the above circumstances, he should wear red coral as it will reduce rashness and anger in him. It reduces the effects of manglik dosh and will bring harmony between husband and wife. By wearing red coral one assures success in competitive exams and will have successful prosperous life. this gem ensures material happiness, recovery from diseases given by mars such as fever, cough, bilious complaints, small pox, chicken pox, headache, loss of vitality, piles, boils, measles etc.

Red coral in combination with other gems can help to cure and fight these diseases.-blood cancer, bone cancer, breast cancer, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, breathing troubles, anemia, kidney trouble, nerve diseases, scoatoca, gallstones, diabetes, asthma, hernia, appendicitis, pthysis pleurisy, meningitis, gouts, carbuncle, paralysis, rickets, piles, boils and wounds, menstrual disorder, painful delivery and in operations.

Professions which are benefited by wearing red coral

Politics, industrialists, traders, those involved in real estate, engineers, surgeons, pharmacists, gunpowder cracker manufacturers, circus artists. Those involved in the business of building, computers, iron machinery manufacture, in the manufacturing of warfare, textile business, sculpture, music, dance, drama, cinema, story and poetry writing. Those involve in the business of selling of luxury items, export and import of iron or those involved in the business of products where electricity is involved can take great benefits from red coral. Drivers of cars, train engines, pilots and sailors also take benefits from red coral.

People in the field of agriculture and its research, brick making, cement and fire service will benefit from red coral.

Red coral in accordance to different rashis


Can wear it as it is a jeevan rattan. But if native is having health problems like hypertensions then avoid it or consult before wearing it.


Avoid it.


Not advised.


Can be worn.


Can be worn but conditions applied. So consult before wearing.


Avoid it.


Not advised.


Can be worn but again conditions applied so consult before wearing.


Can be worn but avoid if you are having problems like high blood pressure.


Avoid it.


Could only be worn under specific circumstances otherwise avoid it.


Can wear it.

Method of wearing red coral

It should be studded in gold or silver ring and should be worn in the ring finger of right hand on Tuesday between 11 am and 1 pm. Its weight should be between six to eight ratti.

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