Remedies through gem therapy: Cat’s Eye (Lehsunia)

Cat's Eye (Lehsunia)Cat’s eye stone [ lehsunia ]-  it is very hot in nature. cat’s eye is a shadow planet as it does not have its physical body.  It is always in retrograde position and gives sudden and unexpected results.  Ketu indicates maternal grand father, fear complex, insanity, allergy, leprosy, injury, fire accidents, punishment by government, court and law suits. It indicates wisdom, renunciation moksha, bitter experiences and weakness to have pleasure with other women.

Ketu is also significator of weak intuiting powers. It also brings fortune and significator of son. Ketu blesses the native with a son who perpetuates the native’s memory. Ketu is also the angel of goodness, lords of travels and  helpful till end, if exalted.

Diseases caused by Ketu are skin diseases, pimples, colic pain, dropsy, abcesser, paralysis, heart diseases, hormonal imbalance, hunger, ring worms, burns, injuries from and accidents, operation, apoplexy and small pox specially poisted in lagna and aspected by malefics. Again it causes urinary troubles, problems in feet, spinal chord, arthritis, gout, backache, pain in knees, legs and joints.

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    [hana-code-insert name=’rectangle’ /]Cat’s eye stone is helpful in curing diseases likemania, paralysis etc. it helps native in eradicating evil influences of Ketu and diseases given by mars. It helps to prevent unexpected and sudden mishaps and saves from accidents and secret enemies. It brings fortune to native. For businessman and people involved in speculative endeavors it gives miraculous result. Bestows wealth by secret means like horse racing, gambling, stock exchange market and speculations. It is very helpful for persons having diseases or problems genetically. That is genetic diseases can be reduced and can be eradicated by wearing cat’s eye stone. Again hardworking children or students if not getting good results of their hard work then cat’s-eye stone will play a great role in giving them fruits of their hard work. Again people who are suffering from unknown powers or fears can get great relief after wearing cat’s eye in combination of Rudraksha or moti and yellow sapphire. But cat’s eye stone is not suitable to all and as it can be harmful so wear it after proper recommendation of expert astrologer.

    Advantages of wearing Cat’s Eye

    Cat’ eye in combination with other stones helps you cure blood cancer, gland cancer, bone cancer, mouth cancer. Again it helps to cure paralysis, cancer, asthma, fainting fits skin diseases, mental worries, insanity etc. again people suffering from unexpected fears and tensions can get great relief after wearing cat’s eye with Jupiter.

    Professions that can be benefited by wearing cat’s-eye

    Writers, scholars, film directors, engineers, poets, peace loving persons, doctors, scientists, architects, printers, judges, meteorologists, pharmacists producing new drugs and those involved in business including liquids can take benefits by wearing cat’s-eye stone.

    Again spiritualists, philosophers and those involved in hypnotism, meditation and involved in writing and speaking will gain by wearing cat’s eye stones.

    Those involved in cinema, acting, producing films, studio, business, painting, dance, music, sculpture, astrology, psychology will have substantial gains in their respective works.

    Again people who are involved in inventions, medicines, chemicals, electricity and computers can take benefits from cat’ eye stone. Politicians can make revolutions after wearing cat’s-eye stone.

    Cat’s Eye and Rashis

    It is very important for people under the mahadasha of ketu to wear this stone as ketu if poisted in rashis of Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn, Libra and Aquarius can give very distrustful results in its mahadasha. But cat’s eye stone should be worn only after consulting astrologer.

    Method of wearing cat’s eye

    It should be studded in in gold and worn in the middle finger of right hand on Sunday , two hours before sunrise. Its weight normally varies from four to seven ratti.

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