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    Bear is significant of overwhelming competition in pursuits of every kind.

    To kill a bear, portends extrication from former entanglements.

    A young woman who dreams of a bear will have a threatening rival or some misfortune.


    To dream of seeing a beard, denotes that some uncongenial person will oppose his will against yours, and there will be a fierce struggle for mastery, and you are likely to lose some money in the combat.

    Gray beard signifies hard luck and quarrels.

    To see beard on women, foretells unpleasant associations and lingering illness.

    For some one to pull your beard, denotes that you will run a narrow risk if you do not lose property.

    To comb and admire it shows that your vanity will grow with prosperity, making you detestable in the sight of many of your former companions.

    For a young woman to admire a beard, intimates her desire to leave celibacy; but she is threatened with an unfortunate marriage.


    It bodes no good to dream of being beaten by an angry person; family jars and discord are signified.

    To beat a child, ungenerous advantage is taken by you of another; perhaps the tendency will be to cruelly treat a child.


    Beauty in any form is pre-eminently good. A beautiful woman brings pleasure and profitable business. A well-formed and beautiful child indicates love reciprocated and a happy union.


    To dream of seeing beavers, foretells that you will obtain comfortable circumstances by patient striving. If you dream of killing them for their skins, you will be accused of fraud and improper conduct toward the innocent.


    A bed, clean and white, denotes peaceful surcease of worries. For a woman to dream of making a bed, signifies a new lover and pleasant occupation.

    To dream of being in bed, if in a strange room, unexpected friends will visit you. If a sick person dreams of being in bed, new complications will arise, and, perhaps, death.

    To dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the open air, foretells that you will have delightful experiences, and opportunity for improving your fortune. For you to see Negroes passing by your bed denotes exasperating circumstances arising, which will interfere with your plans.

    To see a friend looking very pale, lying in bed, signifies strange and woeful complications will oppress your friends, bringing discontent to yourself.

    For a mother to dream that her child wets a bed, foretells she will have unusual anxiety, and persons sick, will not reach recovery as early as may be expected. For persons to dream that they wet the bed denotes sickness, or a tragedy will interfere with their daily routine of business.


    Seen in your dreams, they indicate continued sickness and unhappy states. Fatalities are intimated if you see them in profusion.

    To see bedbugs simulating death, foretells unhappiness caused by illness. To mash them, and water appears instead of blood, denotes alarming but not fatal illness or accident. To see bedbugs crawling up white walls, and you throw scalding water upon them, denotes grave illness will distress you, but there will be useless fear of fatality.

    If the water fails to destroy them, some serious complication with fatal results is not improbable.

    Bed Fellow

    To dream that you do not like your bedfellow, foretells that some person who has claims upon you, will censure and make your surroundings unpleasant generally.

    If you have a strange bedfellow, your discontent will worry all who come near you. If you think you have any kind of animal in bed with you, there will be unbounded ill luck overhanging you.


    To see one newly furnished, a happy change for the dreamer. Journeys to distant places, and pleasant companions.


    If raw and bloody, cancers and tumors of a malignant nature will attack the subject. Be on your guard as to bruises and hurts of any kind.

    To see, or eat cooked beef, anguish surpassing human aid is before you. Loss of life by horrible means will occur. Beef properly served under pleasing surroundings denotes harmonious states in love and business, if otherwise, evil is foreboded, though it may be of a trifling nature.


    Fateful of disappointments if drinking from a bar. To see others drinking, work of designing intriguers will displace your fairest hopes.

    To habitué’s of this beverage, harmonious prospective are foreshadowed, if pleasing, natural and cleanly conditions survive. The dream occurrences frequently follow in the actual.


    Bees signify pleasant and profitable engagements.

    For an officer, it brings obedient subjects and healthful environments.

    To a preacher, many new members and a praying congregation.

    To businessmen, increase in trade. To parents, much pleasure from dutiful children. If one stings, loss or injury will bear upon you from a friendly source.


    To dream of seeing them on your person, denotes poverty and small ills. To kill them is good.


    To see them growing abundantly, harvest and peace will obtain in the land; eating them with others, is full of good tidings.

    If they are served in soiled or impure dishes, distressful awakenings will disturb you.


    To see an old, decrepit beggar, is a sign of bad management, and unless you are economical, you will lose much property. Scandalous reports will prove detrimental to your fame.

    To give to a beggar, denotes dissatisfaction with present surroundings.

    To dream that you refuse to give to a beggar is altogether bad.


    To dream of being beheaded, overwhelming defeat or failure in some undertaking will soon follow.

    To see others beheaded, if accompanied by a large flow of blood, death and exile are portended.


    To see one, indicates disastrous losses and the early dissolution of a dear relative.

    To see one, strewn with flowers in a church, denotes an unfortunate marriage.


    Strategic moves will bring success in commercial circles. Women will find rivals in society; vain and fruitless efforts will be made for places in men’s affections.

    Taking it denotes misery and failure to meet past debts.


    Fortune is hurrying after you. Questions of importance will be settled amicably among disputants. To see him looking sad some sorrowful event or misfortune may soon follow.


    Working a bellows, denotes a struggle, but a final triumph over poverty and fate by energy and perseverance.

    To dream of seeing a bellows, distant friends are longing to see you.

    To hear one, the help of powerful means will obtain occult knowledge. One fallen into disuse, portends you have wasted energies under misguiding impulses.


    To hear bells tolling in your dreams, death of distant friends will occur, and intelligence of wrong will worry you.

    Liberty bells indicate a joyous victory over an opponent.

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